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Shandong DeYao Electromechanical Technology Co., Ltd. is located at the foot of Mount Tai of Five Sacred Mountains and is subordinate to Dawenkou, a civilized ancient town. The company was founded in 2005. The existing companies are: Taian Tengsheng Mining Machinery Factory, Taian Chengda Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. . With a registered capital of more than 15 million yuan and an area of ​​30,000 square meters, the company is a leader in the production of ring chains in Tai'an City and even Shandong Province. The products mainly include high-strength ring chains (American standard NACM96, American standard NACM84/90, American standard ASTM80, German standard DIN766, German standard DIN763, German standard DIN764, German standard DIN5685, German standard DIN5687/5688, British standard short ring, Central, Long Chain, EN818-2, Australian Standard Chain, Norwegian Standard Chain, Korean Standard Chain), Mining Chain, Ship Anchor Chain, Lifting Chain, Rigging Chain, High Strength Lifting Chain, Slag Chain, Stainless steel chain, chain hoist chain, tire protection chain, anti-skid chain, open connection ring, flat link chain, automatic chain knitting machine, automatic welding machine, a full set of heat treatment equipment.

Our company has strong technical force and has gathered a number of outstanding talents from well-known famous chain factories, and has strong innovation and R&D capabilities. The company regards innovative enterprise construction as an important measure to change the way and adjust the structure, give full play to the main role of the company's scientific and technological innovation, and actively guide enterprises to continuously promote technological innovation, management innovation and institutional innovation, and continuously improve the ability of independent innovation and core competitiveness. The company independently developed and manufactured 16-22 automatic intelligent chaining machines and automatic flash butt welding machines, 26-34 fully automatic intelligent chaining machines and fully automatic butt welding machines, which opened up new business areas for the development of the company. The company's products received unanimous praise from the industry and was awarded the honorary title of "Innovative Enterprise" by Tai'an City.

With the continuous development of the business, the company actively explores domestic and foreign markets. With advanced equipment and excellent quality, the company sells well all over the country. The company was selected by the National Coal Department as one of the designated manufacturers of high-strength ring chains and connecting rings. In recent years, our products have been exported to more than 30 countries and regions such as Canada, the United States, and South Korea. We have won the trust and support of our customers at home and abroad and enjoyed a good reputation.

The company has passed GB/T19001-2016/ISO9001:2015 quality management system certification and has the rights to import and export self-employed. We have established the enterprise spirit of "respecting and trusting, fighting for innovation" and abide by the principle of "let users spend the least money and buy the most reliable "Products" business philosophy, is willing to work with new and old customers at home and abroad extensive cooperation, and seek common development, create brilliant tomorrow!