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The common sense of the use of the ring an-d chain of mine


The common sense of the use of the ring an-d chain of mine

The requirement of the ring chain in the industrial application is relatively high, and the daily maintenance and maintenance is also very important. The chain is a kind of important lifting accessories. It is commonly used on lifting appliances on lifting appliances, and it directly bears the load stress from crane load when used. In view of the strength requirement, we first need to consider the material and manufacturing process of the raw material. The second is to see whether our daily maintenance and maintenance have been done.
This fully shows the importance of our use and maintenance and maintenance. We have arranged the relevant matters of attention for reference. The scale, shape and chain structure of the high strength circular chain chain of the mine have been improved and optimized. These improvements and optimization are based on the effect of chain force analysis and the increase of power demand for coal mining equipment, while the underground space of coal mines is limited. The increase of the specification and the structural method of the mine's high strength ring chain will accelerate the development of the chain making equipment and technology.
The length of the chain can be adjusted according to the lifting height of the lifting ring. It is a necessary and important device for cranes. It plays an important role in improving the efficiency of cranes and enlarging the operation scope of cranes. When lifting the chain, remember to add lubricants in time. The lubricating oil must enter the fit clearance between the roller and the inner sleeve, so as to improve working conditions and reduce wear.
When you use it, you must use it according to the standard and regularly do maintenance. Only in this way can the chain play its major role. (focus on micro signals: shandongdeyao gets more professional knowledge).