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Circular chain common sense


Circular chain common sense

Ring lifting chain in a wide range of use of a variety of small problems, today we will take you to understand the details of the fatigue failure of the ring lifting chain.
In the process of use, the ring lifting chain is subjected to two forces at the same time (tensile stress and shear stress). Therefore, the plastic deformation is extremely easy to occur in this part, and the degree of deformation is maximum, resulting in the initiation of the micro crack in the foot of the lifting chain, and the surface scar of the circular ring lifting chain is aggravated. The stress concentration on the surface. The fracture of the shoulder of the circle chain is characterized by good shear fracture. The inner part of the foot produces micro cracks under the action of shear force, and the micro crack expands to lead to fracture, and the fracture has obvious crack source, radiation area and shear lip. The fatigue failure of the ring chain is due to the origin of the fatigue failure.
The heavy workload of the mining circle chain leads to its use for a period of time that may not guarantee the perfect working state, but we can improve the gaps in every small step and strive for a comfortable experience of "Relaxation" in our chain.
Many people do not pay much attention to the mining circle chain after use, so it is not advisable to clean up. The cleaning of the ring lifting chain is also very important. The neglect of the cleaning process reduces the service life of the ring lifting chain, and sometimes there will be a failure to cause the hidden danger.
Ring lifting chain cleaning process must be "gentle", remember not to damage to the chain, when cleaning up not to use high corrosive liquid, so it will damage to the chain, do not let the chain temperature is too high, so as to avoid deformation. In the inspection of the ring chain, we must ensure that every stage should not be ignored, focusing on whether the chain has deformations, corrosion, internal wear and so on. Once the chain wear is serious, it is necessary to use relevant tools to measure and record. A chain that is not used is measured and recorded and compared with the worn chain. The increase ratio of the average pitch of the chain after wear is calculated.
The lifting chain, the mining circle chain and so on, the daily attention to the maintenance of no cocoa less, as long as the inspection, maintenance, can extend the service life of the chain, so that the chain fully play its role. (Shandong Deyao Electrical Technology Co., Ltd. to provide)