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Factors affecting the performance of mine ring chain


Factors affecting the performance of mine ring chain

Some small partners find that the ring chain does not fully function at some time, so in what case will it affect the performance of the ring chain? Let's listen to the analysis.
As the most typical chain product of our company, the performance of the circular chain is changing. What is it that affects the performance of the ring chain that causes it to not be in the work?
The quality of the steel will affect the performance of the high strength circular chain of the mine. The ring chain is qualified in the chemical composition and geometric dimensions, such as the non metal slag in the metallographic structure of the steel state provided, the austenite grain size is more than 5, the ring chain will appear poor welding performance and so on. Phenomenon, the chain welding technology is exquisite. In addition, the correct process of heat treatment process, the qualification of the pretension stress, the difference of working conditions of the ring chain and the quality of the ring chain welding surface, such as the crack of the burn, will affect the normal play of the ring chain.
Circular chain in the wide use of a variety of small problems, ring chain in the process of use because of the two forces at the same time under the action of the force (tensile stress and shear stress), so the most easy to appear in this part of the plastic deformation, and the degree of deformation is the largest, because of the micro cracks in the circle of the foot of the foot. Initiation, while the surface scar on the stainless steel ring chain aggravates the stress concentration at the surface. The fracture in the shoulder of the circle chain is characterized by good shear fracture, and the inner part of the foot produces micro cracks under the action of shear force, and the micro crack expands to cause fracture, and the fracture has obvious crack source, radiation area and shear lip. The fatigue failure of the ring chain is derived from this.
The workload of the ring chain has led to its use for a period of time that may not guarantee a perfect working state, but we can improve the gaps in every small step and strive for a comfortable experience of "Relaxation" in our chain.