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What should we pay attention to when installing the lifting chain?


What should we pay attention to when installing the lifting chain?

The use of circular chain is more and more, and the ring chain is an essential part in all kinds of mechanical products. In the field of transmission, the circular chain has been more and more widely used, especially the high strength circle chain of mine, which needs to withstand more strict test, so it puts forward higher requirements to its safety performance, which is also the special mission of the mine chain. In such an environment, the quality of the chain can not be half a point horse. Tiger.
The circular chain is also widely used in hoisting machinery. Lifting chain is a circular chain with large market demand. What should we pay attention to when lifting chain is installed?
First, keep the two axes in balance and the two wheels in the same plane.
Secondly, check whether the chain wheel and shaft are connected reliably, and the chain is not allowed to be overstretched.
Once again, there is a certain gap between the chain and the chain, and the new chain should not be mixed with the worn sprocket.
Finally, the chain link is reliable, and the opening end of the clamping spring is opposite to the dynamic rotation direction.
The correct installation of the chain to ensure the service life of the chain, in addition to the maintenance is also very important, we know that the use of heavy chain time to maintain a long time, which is also an important way to prolong its life. One way to maintain the chain is to use lubricating oil, which is a way to reduce the wear rate of the ring chain. Proper maintenance of chain will enable it to give full play to its role and make the best use of it. For more information, please pay attention to the WeChat public number of Shandong de Yao Electromechanical Technology Co., Ltd. (the bottom left of the page).